Born into post WW II Europe, I was raised in the English and French countryside where frugality was respected, I learned how to live in a world where rescued items were patched,repaired,adapted to new forms, handed down,valued and kept.
Creativity was nurtured and the connection to nature deep, engaging and fulfilling. I attended art school in England.

My work arises from the intersection of internal feelings, memory, contemplation and external stimuli.
Being in the moment, very present and abandoning myself to the process creates a union with the work taking me beyond the confines of thought. Instinctual.

In using the old to create the new work I gather waste in the form of old magazines and packaging cardboard.
By repeatedly tearing pieces of pages, pasting, building up layers of color,sanding back or scraping away, the image reveals itself.

3 weeks June 2014.
Lucid Art Foundation, Inverness, CA.

Stinson Beach Gallery, CA 2013
Bolinas Stinson Beach Open Studios. 2010-2014

Cafe Borrone, Menlo Park, CA 2008
Coastal Marin Artists Gallery,
Bolinas Museum CA 2005
Living Artists Project, Bolinas Museum 1996


Marin Art.Mill Valley Community Centre 2015
Lucid Artist’s Residency Show
GRO Point Reyes, CA 2015
Marin Art. Stinson Beach Library CA 2014
Bolinas Museum Mini Show 2013
Gospel Flat Gallery 2013
Media Mix Marin Civic Centre 2013
Bolinas Museum Mini Show 2012
Gospel Flat Gallery,
Two Potters,a Painter and a Furniture Maker 2012
Marin Community Foundation.Novato CA 2011
Expressions Gallery, Sausalito, CA 2011
Bolinas Museum Mini Show 2010
Bolinas Museum Mini Show 2009
Bolinas Museum Mini Show 2008
Bolinas Museum Mini Show 2007
River Stone Arts Haverstraw NY 2006